Wellington Candidates

In Wellington, we wanted to know if council and mayoral candidates have a low carbon vision for Wellington. We sent a survey to all candidates with a variety of questions on the urgency of climate action, how they will respect Te Tiriti, how they will give effect to a Just Transition, how they will advocate for climate action, and their policies of growth and transport. For the regional Council we also asked about environmental cohesion and agriculture. We assessed the surveys and graded their responses on a 1 to 5 scale. A total score was then taken and a grade provided. 



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You can look over candidate answers for MayorWellington City Council, and the Greater Wellington Regional Council if you want to know why we gave them these scores. If you have any queries please feel free to email us at info@generationzero.org.nz


85% plus


Outstanding. In-depth knowledge of climate change, shows genuine commitment and initiative and will be a champion for climate-smart policies

75% plus


Shows genuine commitment and initiative, and is likely to champion climate-smart policies on their own

70% plus


Shows good knowledge of climate-smart policies and likely to support these with a good commitment

60% plus


Shows good knowledge of climate-smart policies and likely to support these

50% plus


Shows reasonable knowledge of climate-smart policies



No response received

  Corrections to scorecards

  • Alexander Garside is running for the Pōneke/Wellington ward. He is listed on the scorecard as running for the Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai/Lower Hutt Ward. 
  • Daran Ponter is spelt Daren Porter in the scorecard. 

Wellington Mayor

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Wellington City Council 


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Greater Wellington Regional Council