Christchurch Candidates

Christchurch has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a healthy, thriving, climate-smart city. Our city is still undergoing rapid changes as the rebuild continues, and decisions about transport and urban planning policy - two key areas where we can reduce our emissions - are being made on a regular basis.

Luckily for you, we’ve surveyed all candidates on a range of climate-related issues so you don’t have to! Their responses in full can be found here. We marked highly for well-thought-out policies as we believe the time for concrete climate action is upon us. We also asked for one specific policy that candidates would advocate for. It was very tough to get an A and we gave very few of them out. B and C grades are still good and reflect candidates who show enthusiasm and knowledge about climate change, but who didn’t talk about concrete policies or initiatives in their answers. Most B candidates and some C candidates would still be valuable councillors in a climate-smart council.

A questionnaire was sent to all candidates. The responses were graded by Generation Zero members according to the key below. Candidates responses were averaged in each section. Note that the candidates were graded only on their stances on climate change. Their views, opinions, and actions pertaining to other topics have not been included in their scores



Grading Key


Outstanding. In-depth knowledge of climate change, shows genuine commitment and initiative and will be a champion for climate-smart policies


Shows genuine commitment and initiative and is likely to champion climate-smart policies on their own


Shows good knowledge of climate-smart policies and likely to support these


Shows reasonable knowledge of climate-smart policies


Doesn't show adequate knowledge or enthusiasm for climate-smart policies


Clearly opposes our vision for a climate-smart city without providing reasonable justification

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Christchurch Mayoralty 



Christchurch City Council



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