Greater Wellington Regional Council (Wellington Constituency)

Councillors of the Greater Welington Regional Council are elected from six constituencies covering the whole Wellington Region. These candidates are from the Wellington (City) constituency only.

We asked the candidates the following questions:

Net Zero Emissions 2050 - Do you support the Wellington Region transitioning to zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050?

Climate Change Leadership - What do you think is the role of GWRC in mitigating and adapting to climate change?

Emissions Reduction Strategy - What do you see as the most effective methods for GWRC to support or encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions?

Transport Network Vision - Briefly describe your vision for Wellington’s transport network.

Low Carbon Transport Initiatives - What initiatives would you support to improve people's transport choices in Wellington?

Cycle Friendly - Do you support removal of parking, if necessary, to provide cycleways?

All-Electric Public Transport - Would you prioritise the electrification of the public transport network in the Wellington Region?

Note that these candidates were not asked the Density Done Well question.

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