Dunedin Candidates

Check out our scoring cards at the bottom of this page for the 11 prospective mayors of Dunedin.

Dunedin is at an interesting tipping point; with many positive initiatives happening throughout the city concerning the emerging economics, natural environment appreciation and civic pride, it is at stark contrast to the highly controversial and hard-hitting worries of South Dunedin flooding. Key points of discussion have been around the usual economic growth and jobs, but the most differentiating factors that will have the most impact of our city’s future lies in their understanding of this sector; is it 20th century industry dependence of business lobbying, or 21st century open-mindedness that they represent? The mayor has to be the visionary leader of the council. We therefore, need to ensure our votes are put in the correct ‘big picture thinker’ who is sensitive, empathetic and has a depth of understanding in future social, cultural, economic and environmental opportunities and challenges. Pick your top mayoral candidate as person who has the vision, the action and follow through to see it happen. The real question is whether their big vision is actionable and achieves a more sustainable outcome and a better future for Dunedin.


About Voting in Dunedin’s Local Elections:

  • You have STV voting for Mayor and STV voting for council.
  • STV gives you the chance to rank your votes rather than ticking one choice.
  • If you are unsure of this system. A simple explanation can be found here
  • You do not have to rank every candidate, but rather just pick and rank your top scorers that align with your values.
  • Make your informed decision by diving into our scorecards below.

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Are these candidates fit to continue the emerging positive climate, economic and civic pride developments happening in Dunedin? Be sure to check on each candidate's profile to see more details including feedback specific to each person.



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