Christchurch Candidates

Christchurch has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a healthy, thriving, climate-smart city. Our city is still undergoing rapid changes as the rebuild continues, and decisions about transport and urban planning policy - two key areas where we can reduce our emissions - are being made on a regular basis.

Luckily for you, we’ve surveyed all candidates on a range of climate-related issues so you don’t have to!

Even better, after 5 years of centrally appointed governance, you can now vote for part of Canterbury’s Regional Council - Environment Canterbury - who are also included in our scorecards.

What we asked candidates about:

  • Do they have policies that will lead to a climate-smart Christchurch?
  • How well informed are they around climate issues?
  • Are they passionate about climate issues?
  • Do they have ideas about how we can implement a climate smart city in the future?

Our scoring guidelines:

  • E  Clearly opposes our vision for a climate-smart city without providing reasonable justification
  • D  Doesn't show adequate knowledge or enthusiasm for climate-smart policies
  • C  Shows reasonable knowledge of climate-smart policies
  • B  Shows good knowledge of climate-smart policies and likely to support these
  • A  Shows genuine commitment and initiative, and is likely to champion climate-smart policies on thier own
  • A+  Outstanding. In-depth knowledge of climate change, shows genuine commitment and initiative and will be a champion for climate-smart policies

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