About us

Generation Zero is a nationwide, youth-led movement of young New Zealanders with a vision to see our country on track to a safe and thriving zero carbon future. We campaign for smarter trasnport and urban planning, and independence from fossil fuels.

For more information please visit our website or email info@generationzero.org.nz.


Our scoring process

We recognise that our scorecards are a simplification of complex and nuanced issues, but we feel that this is a necessary trade off for making them clear and easily-understandable. We made every effort to ensure that our scoring process was as objective, fair and accurate as possible. Although methods differed slightly between regions, the general process that each region followed was the same:

  • Candidates were emailed the same set of questions to answer, with a clear deadline
  • A team of volunteers was responsible for scoring each section of questions against our policy positions
  • Candidates' scores were based on their written answers and ranked against one another

Summaries of candidates answers can be viewed by clicking on individual candidate's profiles. If you would like to access candidates' full answers, or to discuss anything with us, please email info@generationzero.org.nz.